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Incident Management and Travel support Analyst (TO-D2172)

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· Act as the SSC initial point of coordination for Sky Colleagues responding to incidents and crisis management

· Form part of a newly developed team within Sky’s new Safety and Security Centre (SSC), that assumes primary responsibility for 24/7 monitoring of significant global events via a selection of closed and open source information feeds.

· Support other colleagues within the SSC to ensure key metrics are met and delivered across Group SSC.

· Lead on and be innovative in intelligence gathering and horizon scanning to ensure that trends are identified, and actionable outputs are highlighted and implemented.

· Be responsible for Drafting, design and delivering policies and processes that allow the SSC function within incident management to be a valuable tool for Group and Market Security leads, Sky, assets colleagues and business.

· Draft and disseminate timely, concise, interpretative and immediately usable crisis communications, aggregated as appropriate, to Group and other key stakeholders during a major security incident/crisis that will impact Sky operations

· Work closely with Sky Crisis Management team to ensure that all risks are identified, and mitigation put in place to allow, with minimal disruption to Sky colleagues, continuation of their daily routines and duties.

· Support the SSC with bespoke, open source research, data aggregation, forecasting, and trend analysis.

· Lead the accounting for Sky travellers at the start of, during, and in the aftermath of an incident.

· Assess the impact of security incidents, working with and supporting Sky’s Crisis Management team to support Sky travellers with appropriate advice.

· Liaise with the SSC to forecast likely threats and pre-emptively reach out to Sky travellers warning them of upcoming events.

· Provide security risk assessments for selected key stakeholders within Group and Markets for relevant activities, persons-at-risk, sites and assets.

· Complete International travel threat analysis for Group wide staff travelling abroad, utilising information obtained from external platforms for e.g EVERBRIDGE, NC4, ANVIL and DATAMINR.

· Provide regular reports as required by the relevant teams within Sky, including synopsis of all travel to identified risk countries or regions.

· Early notification of major incidents in progress to the Group Crisis and Incident management team.

· Emergency communications to Group and Staff (firm wide or tailored) via automated mass communication system in the event of a UK incident.

· Absorb large and disparate amounts of critical data and make informed and timely decisions about incidents in a time-restricted situation.

· Be calm and focused in high-pressure situations; be comfortable working on shift or lone working at times.

· Work independently and be confident in decision-making within Sky’s defined processes, and during sudden, unanticipated, or unprecedented events or crises.

· Prioritise and manage multiple requests and sources of information in an organised way.

· Demonstrate and deploy strong written and spoken communication skills.

· Demonstrate and deploy strong data management and analytical skills and be able to summarise events accurately, quickly and concisely.

· Evolve in the role; the candidate must continually improve their own skills, take on further responsibilities, and look for and use advanced influencing skills to promote improvements in their own job description and the function of the SSC.

· Demonstrate and deploy a sound understanding and application of technology and use a variety of technical platforms and systems in a conjoined way to deliver quick and accurate results.

· Demonstrate and deploy a sound understanding of, and interest in, global and political environments.


· Planning and organisation of several complex activities or programmes, which require the formulation and adjustment of plans

· Work priorities are planned within departmental programme over medium term (monthly up to 6 months), but may have to be rescheduled or reprioritised frequently on a daily basis

· Anticipates obstacles and issues when drawing up plans and identifies checkpoints to ensure plans stay on course


· Conducts complex analyses, identifying key issues even when critical information is ambiguous

· Interprets trends, patterns or ambiguity in complex information

2 months ago

Isleworth, Greater London, United Kingdom

Full time

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